Read your Bible, Talmud, Dao De Jing...your Kojiki, Quran, Vidas, Avesta...Find your God...

and murder your neighbor in his name?


Twenty-twenty ends
Megalomaniac fails
A warmer winter
It is a relief that, in a few days, the maniac will no longer be in charge of one of the world's most powerful nations. His idiotic rants and insurrectionist ideas will hopefully fade from the nervous system of the populous and we can start breathing again. 
The anxiety remains, however, knowing that the people who put him in power, surround us and that nearly half the population of this nation reason the way he does, if they do, in fact, reason. 
A truly horrifying 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' scenario where the patients overtook the hospital but the crazy person in charge remained!  

My offering of recognition to the young, who know not what their future has become.

Because you look to men to lead and make life better than it was yesterday, whereas each day passes with what was old becoming new again...and again.  Instead of alleviating problems and issues, they simply morph them into expanded and greater problems to solve. 

The debt owed by humanity will have to be repaid, soon.