• James Eichenlaub

Would You Pay My Student Loads, Please?

Someone on Facebook posed the question, "Should Trillions of Dollars in Student Loans be Forgiven."

Of course, it started with a flood of comments that began with the words, "I think"!

When you use the words, "I think," then you have already lost the argument. What "I think" or, "you think" is not the issue, is it? Nor is it of any viable consequence.

This person asked the question for no other reason than to stir controversy. Still, as one great oracle once said, "If you don't have a solid solution in mind, then don't raise the question."

The only one that can answer the question of forgiveness of loans is THE LENDER.

The debtor (legal age 18 and up, or their parents) are LIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE to repay any debt incurred by their signature. My children, like so many others, also owe tens of thousands of dollars years after graduating. Instead of first ensuring their student debt repayment, they bought a house, multiple vehicles, and other "fun" things after graduation and are now overburdened with student debt! Oh duh! It's not difficult to see that coming. Was it?

Should their loans be forgiven!? BULLS**T!

Other 'students' of our acquaintance used their loan money to buy a car, party, clothing, etc., and quit college BEFORE GRADUATING. "It was too hard, whaaa whaaa!"

If it were I who loaned the money, I would ask to reestablish the debtor's prison so that the hand-fed ignorance of today's youth would learn the lesson of responsibility. The more they know they can get away with, the more advantage they will take.

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