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Why We Need An Interpreter

An interpreter is needed. This ignorance has carried on far too long!

Interpreting the Bible is neither my place nor the responsibility or position of anyone living or dead. Having this book literally dug from the Earth, translated and transliterated repeatedly over the millennia, and then calling it The Word of God, is tantamount to handing the U.S. Constitutional law library to an Aboriginal tribe to help them set up their government.


Because what we know as the Bible was wrested from the claws of the Roman church, aka the Catholics, for which countless numbers of people were tortured and murdered by the lovers of the Roman gods; the antichrist who prevailed after Jesus' murder, and they wield that power yet today.

A human king proclaiming himself to be "The Most High and Mighty Prince" by the grace of God.

After many more years of torture and torment came that "so cherished" version of the Bible, known as the "King James" version, which, although considered a "literary masterpiece," was translated to please the King James, not God.

Written in sixteenth-century English, the King James translation is of highly questionable accuracy, and it became a source of great confusion that further feeds the ignorance of humanity.

Read the above preface of that version in which this 'king' put himself on the throne between Christ and our Heavenly Father. Using his corrupted translation to claim that God put him on the throne and yet with no evidence of such, other than his own word.

To express people's ignorance regarding the King James Version of the Bible, a woman at her door once said to one of Jehovah's Witnesses, "I only read the same Bible Jesus used! The King James Version!" Probably one of the most poignant expressions of ignorance I've ever heard.

Consequently, the King James V. was followed by no less than fifty or more varying translations. Special recognition is given to those like the Mormons that concocted their add-on book and Jehovah's Witnesses "New World Translation" that specifically suits their doctrine. Like King James of old, if it doesn't say exactly what you want it to mean, just claim a "translation error" and change it! A situation that does not make for unity and equanimity.

Because of the many negative attributes of humanity's abuse of God's words, I cannot help but think of them all when I read the Bible and use its contents to prove a point, being careful to read closely the context and for whom the words are intended.

Consider also, please, the fact that this same book points out that we "have the law of God written in our hearts." (Romans 2:14-16)

Consequently, we do not need a book to tell us the difference between right and wrong. WE KNOW what is right. We just have to practice it. A book will not 'make' us do so, and because we have free will, the Only God will not force us in that direction or make us change.


The history contained therein helps us understand how our Creator, the Only God, Jehovah, gave his ONLY SON, Jesus Christ, as a recompense for our inability to do what is right. Ergo, our unwitting and unwilling sinfulness needs to be compensated for.

Again, its contents are necessary to prove this. Unlike King James who merely claims his right, the entire contents of the Bible lead us to the Messiah. This is how we come to know of God's Kingdom under Christ.

The Bible is not a book of magic or a magic talisman. It does NOT make us righteous, It does NOT protect us from harm. Obedience alone protects us.

Bad things befall all people, and we all face death, regardless of how righteous or unrighteous we claim to be. The comfort the Bible brings us is knowing that through Jesus' sacrifice and the Heavenly Kingdom, we ALL have an opportunity for future life in a paradise Earth.

Earth as it was meant to be.

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