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A Prayer for the Dying

"Our God, and heavenly Father, please bless humanity the world over with your forgiveness, knowledge, and love, and help us to see that NATIONALISM and SECTARIANISM are not your intention for mankind. That it is not just this one, but ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD, that need your blessing and your Kingdom rule, and that it is MEN OF ALL NATIONS for whom your Son, Jesus Christ, sacrificed his life. Please bring an end to Satan's rulership of the world, let YOUR kingdom come, and, above all, sanctify your great name!"



A nation founded by men, not by God. It is not God's Kingdom.

Take a hard look at the world around you, and you will find that this is not the only country with what is classified as 'freedom.' If you have traveled at all and met people of other countries, as have I, you find that they are the same, exactly the same, as the neighbor that lives next door to you. They want to live in peace, enjoy life, raise their families, and watch their children be successful.

It is not the people that are your enemies, but the governments of greed, political pandering, and power-hungry people who set themselves up as gods for you to follow, to bow and vow allegiance to their (idols) flags and so-called political heroes. It is they that convince you to send your children off to fight and sacrifice their lives to the GODS OF WAR, and for what? Fictitious weapons of mass destruction? The fight against terrorism? Or is it to control the world's natural resources, strategic arms placement, and military bases?

That is not God's way, and certainly not the way of the "Prince of Peace," Jesus Christ. We indeed would not find HIM saluting flags or honoring any country of the world. He is the King of God's heavenly kingdom, the one for which you pray, "Let your kingdom come and your will be done..."

Just as he told Pontius Pilot:

"My kingdom is no part of this world. Had it been such, my attendants would have fought that I would not be given up, but as it is, my kingdom is not from this source."

(John 18:35-37)

Finally, what happened to honoring God's commandments. Our Heavenly Father who said:

“I am the LORD your God... You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heavens above, on the earth below, or in the waters beneath...You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God,"

The Berean Study Bible (Exodus 20:2-4)

Respondent: That is the most wonderful thing about living in America...we have the freedom of speech and to worship as we choose.
James Eichenlaub: Your patriotic view of America, like all patriots, is based on the propaganda we are fed from childhood and beyond. If it was not for politicians and power-mongers, there would be no borders around the countries, states, or counties. We live in Satan's world, and it's Satan's doing that the world is like it is. Remember what Jesus told Pilate when asked, "are you king of the Jews?" Jesus answered him, "My kingdom is NO PART OF THIS WORLD." (caps mine) Not then, and not now. We're still praying for that kingdom to come. America may provide certain freedoms, but it is undoubtedly less than idyllic.

James Eichenlaub: There are very few countries in the world that do not enjoy such freedom. However, no nation of the world can stop anyone's belief in Jesus Christ and his Father, our Creator. They may shut one's mouth, but they cannot control the heart and mind.

Respondent: I had to take a few days to gather my thought about your response. "The definition of propaganda does not describe my views...... "information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view." I am not adverse to admitting I am a "conservative".. One that holds to traditional values... I believe in accountability...helping our brothers...feeding the poor....etc. 2Thessalonians 3:6-12 that speaks about idleness that We need to work to eat... I honor our Flag I do not worship it..there has been many who believed in freedom of choice and worship who shed their blood to make this happen through history... I honor the soldiers who shed their blood and their lives but I do not worship them. I believe in the cross and the reason why Christ had to be sacrifice..I do not worship the Cross...I worship the Lord my God...my Father. You and I know that this world is ruled by Satan..the Lord said that we are in this world but we are not of this world. Our profession of faith in Jesus provides us protection from evil...not circumstance ... but cleanses us from sin before the Father. I believe that my "political persuasion" is aligned with the values of scripture. No political package fits the perfect picture. Only Christ fits that picture. I research the candidate not the political party that aligns closest to my value system that is based on scripture. Mind you there are many complicated facets political that are moving parts...of that I am aware. I love my Country...and am appalled and the dysfunctional crazy heinous events. I always enjoy our conversations and respect we have for our personal perception and believes. I thank you always for challenging me.

James A Eichenlaub Hi ... Thank you for responding and not taking offense, as there is certainly none intended. You said: "The definition of propaganda does not describe my views...... "information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view." Unfortunately, propaganda is precisely that upon which your views are based. The very nature of propaganda does not permit the one biased by it to recognize that they are being persuaded. By no means can I be considered a scholar, and one does not need to be a scholar to look a bit deeper into matters, rather than simply accepting the superficial misinformation we are fed in our youth. As to worshiping the 'cross' or the 'flag', the commandment said YOU MUST NOT MAKE FOR YOURSELVES ANYTHING...nor be induced to bow down before them...etc. (Not to mention that there is strong evidence that Christ did not die on a cross but an upright pole. The CROSS is a Catholic INVENTION not seen until well after the Antichrist began ruling.) Pledging ALLEGIANCE, you may not consider being worship, but again the commandment, "You shall place NO OTHER GODS before me." Venerating any symbol of ANY nation is made wrong simply by the fact that the world belongs, as you admit, to SATAN. Not God. (Jesus: "My kingdom is NO PART of this world...") And there is that sticky fact that Christ died for ALL of humanity, not just Americans. Our founding fathers (as they are referred to) are not the princes of peace they are painted to be. Look into the FACTUAL history, and you will find that this was to become a PROTESTANT NATION only. But for the work of a few, the other religions were to be merely tolerated. And so on.
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