• James Eichenlaub


Bible believers are a contentious lot

Without a singular line-of-thought They claim Christ to be their King But refuse to agree on anything The Romans murdered the Messiah King Then used His name in conquering They spilled the blood of the innocent Their lies were spread with confidence What better way the world to rule Than to spread the lie of immortal souls That God would punish eternally Lest Rome did rule pontifically This ANTI-CHRIST whose lies were spread Tortured the masses with fear and dread The Word of God concealed and lied Till all the world fell in its tide Now the truth of God's Word is dead Supplanted by the lies it spread The world lays suffering in its grasp Until the King returns at last To free all men from fear and dread When at last the Anti-Christ is dead

God's Christ restored and sits as King

To end humanities suffering

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