• James Eichenlaub

What If I Believe

`I see nobody on the road,' said Alice.
`I only wish I had such eyes,' the King remarked in a fretful tone. `To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance, too! Why, it's as much as I can do to see real people by this light!'

(Through The Looking Glass)

When I look and see what others do not, should it be kept secret? Or is it my fault that, like Alice, I see nobody on the road? (Click the image to read more)

Is it, therefore, my obligation to reveal

To say to others that these things are real

That the light for their eyes is maybe too dim

To perceive all of this that I hold within

Perhaps not "obligation," but my burden to bear

Knowing none will consider or pretend to care,

Being taught to see things the way they "ought" to be

Stops us from questioning what others can see

There is then this matter of a God that's so cruel

That he tortures all those who question His rule

So that anything said with God's title attached

Is sacred and holy and none dare to redact

Twas the reason that Christ abandoned the Jews

That he simply was not the Messiah they choose

Not the king they expected to take David's throne

To oust the Romans and make Israel his home

Now the Antichrist rules and its lies told so long

That any who question are told they are wrong

"The soul is immortal and in hell it will burn"

One of the many pagan lies it returns.

Because of our ignorance, we fear to refute

That the churches teach lies with unholy repute

So in front of your eyes is a haze that will hide

Any semblance of truth that is offered as a guide

Around us the world in chaos does grow and

The more time that passes the more it will show

That the Antichrist rules under Satan's dominion

The TRIBULATION is upon us, and that's not opinion

See: Nobody Works In The Dark

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