• James Eichenlaub

What About The Bible?

Updated: Sep 11

A thousands-year-old book written by more than 60 authors and edited and translated a countless number of times!

The canon is selected and assembled by who knows who and for what reason; nobody truly knows!

Still, this ancient book is somehow deemed the final authority for those who hunt and peck for anything that will support their pomposity and grasp for self-righteousness to prove that God favors them over all others.

When will we, i.e., everyone, recognize the fact that this book in its totality is incomprehensible to us!?

Completely enigmatic!

Even the so-called "great scholars" of the world cannot come to a consensus on what it says and means in its entirety.

The most PATHETIC thing about it is that humanity uses what is gleaned from it as a basis to fight wars, to hate their neighbors or those of other races, creeds, and cultures, and to claim dominance in the name of God, America notwithstanding.

People claim to use it to "know God," yet 99% of the people who read it are entirely unfamiliar with God's name.


Because the teachings of the Antichrist convinced them that JESUS is god and not the Son of God, in fact, because of religion and the Antichrist, the Bible is rendered nearly useless to humanity.

Thankfully, the Kingdom of God is approaching. And double thankfully, salvation through Christ was made possible and will reveal the truth of all matters at that time.

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