• James Eichenlaub



That slow tick, tick, ticking sound behind me, is the sound of life marching into the past. History in the making, one second at a time. Every time the pendulum swings - left, then right, then left, then right - each swing is another instance of life consumed by time.

Watching the rainfall, here, in my "golden years" (as I heard them called yet again today), I recognize that there is no gold, but only that methodic ticking echo of time's decay given to us by our creator as a reminder of our station within the scheme of things.

It serves as a reminder that we are finite, immortality is NOT within our reach, so we should fill each tick with something, anything that might be meaningful now, something our Creator will approve of because all that is now, is soon to be forgotten!

In all of the lifetimes since creation, humanity has failed to recognize that what we think we understand is equivalent to nothing, nothing at all, and continue to ignore the fact that what we think we know is worthless within the annals of time. We all being creatures who have no will.

Instead of free thought and free will, you/we cling to those values that others before us held noble and dear. Values that become corrupted and then renewed, and corrupted again and again; i.e. their patriotic duty toward country and God, as it were. The blind leading the blind!

From birth, those values are pinned to our chests to carry to our graves. We are expected to never deviate from such, just as our forebears carried them to their own. Falsehoods and deceptions that we accept from the Ruler of this World.

Once within that grave, however, all that we did, and were, becomes nothing more than another small particle of history, another swing of the pendulum to be repeated by those who follow.

Humanity slowly boiled to death in its own ignorance.

So, then, stand up and salute your flags, mark your borders, claim your territory, and choose your leaders, find your religion, draw your nationalistic lines, fight your wars, and PRETEND TO KNOW AND PLEASE your God,

The grave will end-all, and resolve-all. All nationalism, patriotism, hatred, love, care, concern, pride, prejudice, and knowledge - whether it be true or false,

"For the living are conscious that they will die, but as for the dead, they are aware of nothing at all." So says the prophet. Nothing more than another dead animal in the stream of time. NO immortal soul; another lie concocted by Romans and fed to us as Christianity.

The time is coming when time, itself, will cease to exist. When time will become nothing more than a device for plans, and schemes as each day extends into the next, and the next, and the next ... uncounted. Ad infinitum!

In this world, you will never find God. The Ruler of this World covered, hid that knowledge from all of humanity, as the total sum of humanity fumbles and struggles to grasp the reality of it. Thousands of religions, stumbling over one another, killing and hating one another. The blind leading the blind.

"It is not given to men who are walking, even to direct his step," says the prophet. So we shall never have peace and unity until our Creator reveals that kingdom we were taught to pray for, and until the ticking of the clock stops and time is without meaning, only then will life, 'real' life, begin.

Jesus sacrificed his Earthly life to balance the scales of justice for us, "So that we might find life, and have it in abundance." And so we pray, "Let YOUR kingdom come, let YOUR will be done, on Earth just as it is in Heaven." THEN we will learn, THEN we will understand.

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