• James Eichenlaub


That slow tick, tick, tick, ticking, behind me is the sound of my life marching into the past.

Every time that pendulum swings - left, then right, then left, then right - each swing is another instance of my life consumed by time.

Watching the rainfall, here, in my "golden years" (as I heard them called yet again today),

I recognize that there is no gold, but only that tick, tick, ticking echo of time's decay,

A reminder to me, to fill each tick with something, anything that might be meaningful now, because it is soon to be forgotten!

It will take a lifetime for you to recognize that what you think we understand is nothing, nothing at all, and to realize that what you think you know is worthless to the annals of time,

Instead of free thought and free will, (you) we all cling to those values that others before us held noble and dear, i.e. their patriotic duty toward God and country, as it were,

From birth, they pinned their values to our chests to carry with us to our graves, just as they brought what was granted them, to their own,

Once we reach the grave, however, all that we did, and were, becomes a particle of history, another swing of the pendulum to be repeated by those who follow.

So, then, stand up and salute your flags, choose your leaders, find your religion, draw your nationalistic borders, fight your wars, and pretend to know and please your God,

The grave will end-all, and resolve all. All prejudice, nationalism, patriotism, hatred, love, care, concern, pride, and knowledge - true or false,

"For the living are conscious that they will die, but as for the dead, they are aware of nothing at all." Nothing more than another dead animal in the stream.

The time is coming when time, itself, will cease to exist, and you will never find God until the ticking of the clock stops - until time ends and life, 'real' life, begins.

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