• James Eichenlaub


Tattooing is something I have harped on for years as a disgusting practice, and I may never understand why people would choose to do something so drastic as making a change to their body, be it cosmetic or otherwise, that in either case is often horrifyingly permanent.

The world, in general, is ill, both mentally and physically, and the mental disturbances concern me more than the latter; still, you say, it is their bodies and theirs to do with as they wish. A statement with which I am in absolute agreement. I am not the judge of anybody, not even my children. Observation is the only thing I can legitimately offer.

Unfortunately, the tattoo fad is indicative of a deeply seated societal issue that cannot be ignored. People are so deviant, so far removed from "the old standards," i.e., what used to be known as "morals," that there is no longer any moral compunction about engaging in any of those things that were once deemed socially unacceptable. In fact, when a moral objection is presented, it is most often critically booed and hissed at by audiences on talk shows and other media settings.

Why? Why is this happening? Well, don't ask me! I'm not an oracle, so you figure it out! Perhaps it's this?

What happens to a child that never receives discipline or training from its parents? What happens when a thief or a murder goes unpunished? What happens on the highways when the police stop patrolling or vacate the streets when the rioting begins? What does the general populace do in such cases? You don't need an oracle to answer those questions: the crowd goes wild! Unless you are an imbecile, well, you should know how to think for yourself, should you not? You do not need to follow the crowd! Still, one cannot go out in public and avoid seeing body-ink everywhere. Especially on women!

Society cannot continue to function without moral rules and guidelines, without moral laws and restrictions, without someone to establish and enforce moral behaviors. So it is no mystery why the world is in the condition we find it, and body-ink is only a telltale sign that people are willing to go along with nearly anything fad or fashion, as long as it's the popular thing to do! Or, as the old saying goes, "Ten million Frenchmen can't be wrong." Nearly half of this nation recently demonstrated this ignominy of thinking when it was happy to turn the country over to a tu quoque, money-grubbing fascist itching to reestablish aristocracy and dictatorship—a land where one egotistical and radical supreme ruler could rule without question or objection from anyone: "Hell yes" was the consensus of the populace.

People in general labor under the impression that "if everyone is doing it, it can't be bad." Or, "If he can do it, then there is no reason I cannot do it also!"

Simple illustration of the fallacy of doing what the other does:


"There was a man who worked in Leicestershire, England, who, on his way to work every day, would stop at the clockmaker shop and synchronize his watch with the big clock standing outside.

One day the clockmaker stopped him and said he was impressed that the man would stop there every day and synchronize his watch with that clock.

The clockmaker then asked the man what kind of work he did, and the man said, “I’m embarrassed to tell you, but I am the time-keeper at the factory down the street, and the clocks we have are not very good. Every day at 4 o’clock, I ring the bell for the workers to go home, so I synchronize my watch with your clock to be sure the time is correct.”

The watchmaker laughed and said, “I have to be honest with you also. I am embarrassed to say that my clocks are not very good either, so every day at 4 o’clock, I synchronize my clocks with the bell from the factory down the street.”

Please take it as you wish! By whom do you "set your clock," so to speak. There is one fact that I am certain of: just because the populous "accepts" certain behaviors does not make the behaviors acceptable to our Creator. When we keep setting our defective clocks, so to speak, off one another, we are bound to be lost in time!

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