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My True Sign According to Chinese Zodiac

Don't take this the wrong way: I am 'not' a believer in astrology, fortune-telling, et al. What is interesting about the Zodiac is how whoever writes these, much like the so-called psychics, are somehow well versed in being able to amalgamate a personality or at least enough traits of one, to seemingly make it fit the person that reads it, as well as make it agreeable enough to anyone that knows that person to whom it applies, that they will ultimately find fitting traits within.

This begs the question of why people accept these 'philosophies'. Is it because the description seems flattering? Perhaps? Or is it because they simply never tried to describe themselves and this seems to be as good as it gets? If I changed the word "Aquarian" to Saggitarian or Capricorn, or anything else; I feel certain that the person of "that sign" would find themselves within it as well as any other. Put in poetic terms then, "A rose by any other name..." (William Shakespeare)

AQUARIUS (In the Year of the Dragon)

Those born under the Western Zodiac sign of Aquarius are imaginative, intuitive, and philanthropic. They often see themselves both as individuals and as a part of the greater whole of humanity. Aquarians tend to polarize themselves and others with their directness and the philosophies they live by. Aquarians fall into two categories - those who are gentle, quiet, and sensitive, and those who are loud, lively, and exuberant. These may seem like opposite traits for a single sign to hold, but there are many more commonalities between Aquarians that tie them together with others of their same sign.
All Aquarians value reason and logic and only under extreme circumstances (such as when they dogmatically believe in proving a point so strongly that they are willing to throw rationality aside to prove their point). This is a challenging sign to figure out for some because of their seemingly contradictory natures. They are naturally independent yet humanitarian. They typically enjoy people but also need time to themselves. They are artistic and imaginative, yet can take these same traits and apply them to logic and come out with new and fresh ideas.
Aquarians can also come off as know-it-alls sometimes, and don’t always do what they say they are going to. The reason is that they want to reserve the right to change their mind so they can always do what feels right in the moment. Others may have a hard time understanding this and Aquarians can come across as selfish, judgmental, and even even rude or hateful. Aquarians need meditation time to gather and understand their thoughts, especially since they live a lot of their waking life on autopilot.
Aquarians born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Dragon: are represented in Primal Astrology by the Leopard. Leopards are typically among the more exuberant of Aquarians. In fact, they are also one of the more opinionated as well. Leopards often find themselves the de facto leaders of teams they are on, not because they want to lead, but because others want them to. Leopards have to be careful not to fall too in love with their own ideas and ignore the greater good for their own personal gain.
Above all else, Leopards are hard to ignore. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign find it nearly impossible to go unnoticed. Not that they would want to. These are among one of the most grand and eccentric signs out there. They have absolutely no trouble getting attention, though this is rarely their end goal. Rather, their natural assertiveness and personality make others stop and take notice whether they want to or not. The natural power of their personalities make Leopards capable of doing great things, and at their best they use this power to serve the greater good and end up being much beloved by their communities for this.
There is a dark side to this sign, though. When Leopards are feeling out of sorts, everyone else feels it as well. Since they can’t help but be noticed, they also can’t help but affect those around them. On a good day they can brighten any room, but on a bad day they can darken one just as easily.
Even on a good day, others may perceive Leopards.as self-centered and egotistical due to their natural leadership ability and tendency to draw attention to themselves. In reality, members of this sign most often have the greater good in mind, but must be careful not to come across too strongly, as they will most likely rely on the cooperation of those around them to accomplish their goals.
Interestingly, while Leopards may find each other in friendship, they rarely make good partners with other members of their sign in terms of love. That’s because Leopards aren’t afraid to let their friends shine, but they will be damned if they will be outdone by their life partner. Friends are often those whom they share political or social views with, and they enjoy having other eccentric personalities around, usually to go find the most fabulous bar in town or hang out anywhere they believe the most interesting people to be.
In love, Leopards work best with more understated partners who share their sense of fun and adventure. Leopards typically have to be the “alpha” in every relationship, so they tend to find partners who are also fun-loving, but don’t take up too much of the spotlight. Their partners are usually well-liked and have good hearts, but also let them shine and even reign them in a bit when they take things a little too far.
Leopards can’t help but find themselves involved in politics. It can be as small as their kid’s Parent-Teacher Association and as big as the Presidency of a Nation. One way or another, they feel the need to make their voices heard, and why not? They are good at it. Members of this sign succeed at various social and political roles at every level, though they must be careful not to become the self-centered person many others will likely assume them to be, as this is the Leopard’s most certain path to self-destruction.
Members of this sign who are not politically leaning will find a rewarding career with a role where they can be in charge of themselves while still being involved in something they believe in. This is why many Leopards make great entrepreneurs - a role they thrive in as long as they remember to ask for (and hire) help. The biggest mistake entrepreneurial Leopards can make is trying to do too much by themselves. They need to learn humility and learn to trust others to see their vision through. If they can do this, they will go far.

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