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THE UNDERLYING ISSUE (i.e. Issues Confused) A Discussion

Jeffrey Eichenlaub December 27 at 8:20 PM ·

So a close friend shared this statement, and I had to check it out. So, states are saying cases are on the rise because people just aren’t masking up... At the same time, flu is at a very low rate because people are masking up... Hmmm, why do I think Covid is a lie. To support this, here is the CDC statement... Covid is the lie. (See link)


James A Eichenlaub >>> Did you wise-asses even try reading the report? Stop behaving so stupidly. Do you think someone is PRETENDING to die for no other reason than to propagate a fallacy? Imagine how many Covid cases carried an influenza virus and how many influenza cases went unreported because they knew they were not Covid, etc.

In just one section of the report alone, the following caveats were noted: not all of the limitations. Excerpt from the report:

" The findings in this report are subject to at least four limitations. First, an ecologic analysis cannot demonstrate causality, although the consistency of findings across multiple countries is compelling. Second, other factors, such as the sharp reductions in global travel or increased vaccine use, might have played a role in decreasing influenza spread; however, these were not assessed. Third, viral interference might help explain the lack of influenza during a pandemic caused by another respiratory virus that might outcompete influenza in the respiratory tract (10). This possibility is less likely in the United States because influenza activity was already decreasing before SARS-CoV-2 community transmission was widespread in most parts of the nation. Finally, it is possible that the declines observed in the United States were just the natural end to the influenza season. However, the change in the decrease percent positivity after March 1 was dramatic, suggesting other factors were at play." Jeffrey Eichenlaub The underlying issue is this. We have allowed state and local governments to ignore their own constitutions by declaring this a "Public Health Crisis." This has set a precedence that the President "elect" has already jumped on declaring Gun Control a National Health Crisis that requires unprecedented government response; who knows what that will be. In addition to Biden's insanity, I saw images from a protest in Chicago where protestors are now holding signs that Racism is a Public Health Crisis. How far do we continue down this road? We get it Covid kills, but now that the precedence has been set, everything can be labeled a crisis; the sheep must go quietly home, put on whatever apparel is prescribed, and allow the government to run our lives in any way they deem necessary. Scary times. James A Eichenlaub Just a tad-bit Orwellian! James A Eichenlaub Okay then! I PROTEST THE GOVERNMENT TELLING ME TO WEAR A MASK! But...I intend to wear one voluntarily because I love my family and want them to stay alive! If people were considerate, caring, and willingly do what is right, there would be NO NEED FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO SET A PRECEDENT OF ANY FORM.

Rights are earned, not mandated.

Or as I posted otherwise:

Your rights extend only as far as your consideration and respect for the rights of others.

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