• James Eichenlaub

The Scar On My Forehead

The tragedy of breaking a heart Is an irreparable action. The pieces shatter and scatter Some never found again Time, alone, is the only substance That can pull, that can hold what is left

Together... As it seals each rift and chink With fragments of lingering pain Adhesive particles of doubt Each revealed as a deep Sullen sadness in her eyes A secret pain recognized only by those Who in such sufferings have shared Or, at times, shared by those in Whose such sufferings have caused _____________________________ For breaking this heart The ignominy forgiven Perhaps... But never forgotten

The reward of transgression A deep, personal scar

Carved on my forehead Reflects in the mirror Of my very being Never forgotten, always regretting Actions caused by...(What does it matter) Actions speak louder; how true Words are quickly forgotten or fade Actions linger Denigrating the heart and soul Her continued suffering Adds itself to my shame A shame that becomes my pain Sorrow becomes my cloak to wear Until the only hope remains, one day

We may become whole again.

(je 2021)

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