• James Eichenlaub

The Cure For Aging

The doctor told me I am terminal There is nothing to be done No parts can be removed or replaced No medication will slow the process "You just have to endure it," he said So every day, another inch of my DNA is lost These eyes don't see like they used to I can watch clouds go by with them closed The hands are a little shaky and weaker Than yesterday, and will be more so tomorrow And damn! The pains! More and more on a daily basis Rising from a chair burns the thighs Hurts the knees, an unsteady motion of limbs Just try doing a dozen pushups Strength is measure by the ability to Tolerate the pain of the activity and Not the number completed Toes are numb as being hit by a hammer Balance is often questionable As strength wanes and heartbeats slow Muscles on fire while trying to sleep Backaches in the morning, difficulty rising Mottled skin and itching patches Brittle hair lost all shades of youth (The little that remains) Pills can cover the symptoms, but Pills cause so many more, A dreadful conundrum The doctor can end life trying to save it So enjoy what you have left Tolerate the pain and accept the inevitable Thank God for the sacrifice of his Son So that one day (not in heaven) In that new world promised by God We can once more walk with the newness of life And be relieved of the body undergoing this death.

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