• James Eichenlaub

Angel In The Garden

Updated: Sep 11

Catherine (Kate) Elizabeth Eichenlaub (2021)

The mid-morning sun sits Just above the eaves Casting diagonal shadows Across the opened blinds... Side-by-side a mated pair of geese Squawk their way across the lake As clouds begin to gather Above the distant coastline Threatening rain... As with a similitude of unseen commands A multitude of ducks leap from the water Departing in unison to the west To those places where ducks go... While she labors in the gardens Beneath the trees Her every movement A soliloquy of loving regard and care While the glory of the sun Gathers amid the silver of her hair Casting more beauty on the garden she tends As it lends its wonderful brilliance To my angel in the garden

(James Eichenlaub - 2021)

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