• James Eichenlaub


Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Like a tattoo at the top of a woman's butt, it is now a socially acceptable norm to go about spouting diversity, equal opportunity, and acceptance as part of humanity's supposed social evolution. In the '60s & '70s: free love and Beatle hair, no more war, end segregation, and freedom marches! In the '80s and '90s, social revolution, paradigm-shifting, women's rights, kill Sadaam, root out terrorism.

Now, here in the '2000s, we have body tattoos, healthy me and live forever, the ME2, and black lives matter, etc., and so on! To cause change, we're going to pull down statues, destroy property, burn and loot, and occasionally kill a few people; Anarchy, supported by our very own Commander and Cheat, et al., appears now to be the socially acceptable way of getting one's point across.

However, this is not to say that "the socially acceptable 'thing'" is now the same as what people actually think and believe, is it? Secret animosities, fear, prejudice, hatreds, harbored deep within the soul! "Aye, there's the rub!"Reading through the lyrics of the 50 top rap songs, the perspective on their reality of life is quite different than that of the "poster children" of white opulence, or even those of the so-called middle-class. Take Paul Simon's "Slip-Sliding-Away" and others like it, for example, i.e., the "white experience." Or any of the one hundred million redneck's "my pickup truck broke, and now you won't date me" songs. The 'good-ol-boy' group that stands apart from either of the previous.

Ergo, ignorance; experiences (or lack thereof), i.e., the "walk a mile in my shoes" ideal that formulates the root cause of all prejudice. Somewhat like an insect that flies or crawls near you! What is your first impulse? A person sees a snake or a rodent! What is the first impulse? Kill, defense, hate, eradicate anything we don't understand or do not fit your perspective, experience, "our way of life," i.e., your customs. Although very doubtful, still, social evolution may one day enforce an acceptable level of diversity to the government and/or other workplaces, after which it will have to conquer the remainder of the world. But, how many millennia will that take, do you think?

When "diversity" is implied, from all current evidence, it means, simply, that the whitest people of color will be considered more equal, and the remainder is going to have to get whiter or stay where they are. As well, equal pay does NOT mean equality of gender, not in the minds of men or women, the same as the enforcement of social equality does not change people's minds and hearts, it simply provides a pretty facade for all to hide behind.

What, then, is the answer?

How about a single leader who "reads and knows" what is in the mind and heart of every individual. One who can influence the willing adjustment of such in a positive way. Our Creator, Jehovah (Psalm 83:18), has purposed just such a thing. Under the rule of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God will bring about a new heaven and Earth that will do that very thing.

"Let your Kingdom come, and your will be done, as in Heaven, also upon Earth." This is what a true Christian prays for, and if applied, even in this life, it will put aside all prejudice and fear.

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