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PRAYER: It’s amazing how many different things I have asked God to allow me to see or have.

Things like allowing me to touch the tip of an angel‘s finger.

To have a dream that would let me know my prayers were being heard.

I’ve asked God to allow me to know if, or if not, my thinking is correct.

To know, if or if not, that my conclusions are correct.

To understand why, if there is only one God and one Christ, there are so many religions.

And I’ve asked God to help me understand the condition of the human mind and heart so I might know why humanity is in the pathetic condition it’s in.

Do you know what God told me?

As far as I know, absolutely nothing. Just as God doesn’t tell anybody on this planet anything, the only God that speaks to men is the God of the system, Satan!

Fortunately, we were given a book, some guidelines, that we call "The Bible," so that we might understand gods thinking, and most of that, we’ve learned through the words of Jesus Christ that he taught to his disciples and apostles. Not a book written to us, but a book written to them, and from which we might learn some small portion of the answers to our questions.

Under Satan‘s rule, the fact that we still exist is; it is actually devastating.

Satan told our original parents that God lied to them, and they accepted that. They actually believed the lie, about the lie! Can you believe that? (Read the account of creation, the discussion with Satan over the fruit from the tree in the center of the garden, i.e., the Tree of Knowledge.)

To top this heinous act, Satan later offered Jesus Christ (the SON OF GOD) all of the kingdoms of the world for performing a single act of worship toward him (Satan).

In line with this event, Jesus told the religious leaders of his time that they were “offspring of vipers, that they were from their father the devil because Satan is a liar and the father of the lie.“ The "religious leaders!" Can you accept that? The fact is that those who CLAIM TO KNOW GOD are becoming the most reprehensible in God's eyes, simply because they put faith in Satan, not God.

Finally, under Satan's dominion, the Romans subsequently murdered Jesus Christ, after which he left this earth behind, joined his heavenly father in his kingdom, and left the world to Satan so that all mankind would see what kind of ruler Satan truly is. The Roman Antichrist has ruled religion ever since as people flock to bow before the images and false gods of Christendom.

So now we know, don't we!?

We can see the results of separating oneself from God. Is this the rulership you want?

For those who are power-hungry, hungry for wealth, greedy, perverse in their nature, lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God, then yes, this world will appeal to them. They willingly pass the basket and sell you some heavenly (false) hope. Peddling salvation to make a living.

Personally, I would give up life today to have that new world tomorrow—the new heavens and the new earth under God‘s rule. I long to have this world end and I have no fear of an ending. I have longed to make that trip between then and now, now and then, to a time and place where and when things are put back to where they should’ve been those thousands of years ago.

So if we are to pray for anything, pray for God‘s kingdom to come and his will to be done here on earth just as it’s done in heaven.

Having free will, or the freedom to choose, was given to our first parents, Adam and Eve. It wasn’t until the selfishness of Satan introduced them to wrong choices did they even consider opposing our creator through the WRONG use of free will.


So free will, i.e. the freedom to choose, does not mean that we do whatever we like, whatever pleases us, but the freedom to act in harmony with nature, with God‘s way of doing things, when we are doing what’s right and rejecting what’s wrong in agreement with The Creator.

The evidence of what happens whenever we choose to do otherwise…is all around us. We are the product of our own actions, thinking, and selfish desires; bringing about our own destruction.

The scripture says that God allows his goodness to rain down on all of mankind, the wicked and the not so wicked, the righteous and the unrighteous, so if you find yourself in a better position than your neighbor or those you call your enemy, it would be wrong to think that God is favoring you specifically.

We are all products of a wicked and unrighteous world and Jesus' sacrifice applies to us all equally, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God!”

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