• James Eichenlaub

My own Southwest Omelet in a Tortilla Bowl


  • 1/2 Onion

  • 1/2 green pepper

  • Baby spinach

  • (non-dairy) Smoked Gouda cheese

  • Jar of roasted red pepper strips

  • Pickled jalapenos

  • 2 Eggs and a dash of cream/milk/half&half

  • Eight-inch flour tortilla

  • Seasoned Salt (Light amount)

Heat an omelet pat on medium and add a bit of butter. (I use Pam butter spray).

  1. Chop 1/2 small onion and 1/2 small green pepper and saute until soft. Then add a bunch of raw baby spinach (as much as suits you) and continue to saute until spinach is totally wilted. Add a little seasoned salt, stir, and set vegetables aside in a bowl.

  2. Wisk together two large eggs and a tbsp of Half and Half (I use a Mini Moo). Preheat the omelet pan to about level 3 or so and add eggs and cook as you would any omelet, flipping until both sides cook.

  3. Set the omelet aside on a small plate and place a slice of (non-dairy), or a small amount of shredded, smoked gouda cheese on top of the hot omelet.

  4. Place two slices of Deli Ham (we use organic, no crap added) in the pan and heat until bubbly and lay hot ham on top of the cheese to assist with melting.

  5. Spray the pan again with PAM butter spray, or add a small amount of butter and press the 8" tortilla into the pan until it forms a bowl. Set the heat between 4 & 5. Lay the egg, cheese, and ham into the tortilla.

  6. Add the sauteed vegetables over the egg, ham, and cheese.

  7. If available, add a few roasted red-pepper strips for garnish, and a few jalapenos if you like spice. Allow the tortilla to cook for a few minutes until slightly brown and forms a firm bowl.

  8. Serve and yum! With a little salt and pepper, or maybe even some Crystal sauce.

For children 95 and under, disposable dinnerware not included, some assembly required, not sold in stores anywhere! (Knife and fork sold separately.)

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