• James Eichenlaub

Lemming Soup-How It's Made

Updated: Sep 11

>>> Lemming soup is made of equal parts of propaganda, credulity, complacency, and narrow-mindedness.

People believe that their governments and religions are righteous and established for the "good of the people." Of course, we THINK such because we are taught to do so. We are given information to support it, that is, what we call in other cultures "propaganda."

What is the reason for this propaganda? What is its task? According to one man, its " task is not to make an objective study of the truth, in so far as it favors the enemy, and then set it before the masses with academic fairness; its task is to serve our own right, always and unflinchingly.” (Adolph Hitler, 1924)

What difference does it make, you ask? As if those things we are fed from childhood that we are 'told' to believe do not matter.

Little by little, we are taught to merely 'accept,' and before long, we accept EVERYTHING! As a friend recently told me, "you dig to deep and get confused."

⁠No, I am not confused. I see very clearly that we live in Satan's world and are fed HIS propaganda every second of every minute of every hour of the day, and we accept it.

God bless the queen! Salute the flag and say the pledge! Bow to the Emporer! And in doing so, we fail entirely to recognize who owns these governments, these "world powers" that we so willingly serve and support. The very same KINGDOMS of the World that Satan offered to Jesus for a simple act of worship!

The unwitting defamation of Jesus Christ, the King of God's kingdom, is all around us, just like the FAKE IMAGE of him having long hair. A demonically inspired image made to shame him.

Other slights on his character, like the antichrist's Christ'mass' holiday, the Easter bunny, or Halloween, the worship of Mary, the veneration of saints as other gods. False teachings of Hell Fire, the immortality of the soul, the occupation of heaven and Earth. Etc.

All of these things detract and STEAL from the Glory of God and Christ to defame the character and being of our Creator and the King of His kingdom.

Think! Reason! Look at the world around us as it falls into total and irrevocable decadence. There is no government, no person or persons that can or will save humanity. We have only one hope.

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