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$elling Je$u$

The only part of a Rolex Watch that existed when history began, was 'time' — which this modern chronometer now sweeps with its stylish hands.

This swaddle of gold that binds the wrist of the pretentious evangelistic, would prove just as popular back in those days when fear began its epistic.

The evangelical glory seekers whose business it is to sell God, expect their reward to be forthcoming in the form of this time-ticking baud.

God's message of good has no power from the mouths of limmers like these, "For the Lord loves all … regardless," they say, as their intention is only to please.

They pave you the road to Heaven for a loaf of your daily bread, so your head can lay calm and quiet on your pillow of fear and dread.

The bouffant hair may fool you, and the suit, and that bauble of gold, there is no blessing from Heaven on

channel eleven, where Jesus is typically sold.

James Eichenlaub (r2021)

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