• James Eichenlaub

Does Anybody Really Know The Time

It's pouring rain and (relatively) cold here in Florida today. The gray sky and sheeting rain reflect the soliloquy of thought they bring with them. There is no puzzlement or anxiety regarding life and death, or even about humanity itself, which is made abundantly and painfully clear after nearly seventy years of observation and introspection.

Worse than 'not' believing that the Messiah lived and died for the sake of humanity is the fact that people do 'not' honestly believe that Satan and his demonic forces are still with us and control everything about the world in which we live. Every government, every god, every organization that divides and conquers humanity, including, and most significantly, the churches.

As Jesus stated to his disciples regarding himself, "The ruler of this world is coming, and he has no hold on me." "My Kingdom is NO part of this world," he told Pontius Pilate. So, contrary to the widespread belief in this land, America IS NOT God's country any more than is Israel or any other.

Jesus, as he sat on the hillside overlooking Jerusalem, said, "Your house is abandoned to you." Thereby signifying that no longer were the Jews 'special' in God's eyes. They had rejected the Messiah (himself) and the will of God, along with the few true believers that remained to be subsequently murdered by the Romans, just as was Jesus!

Was he, however, referring only to the Jews with this statement?

Observing the devasted condition of humanity and "Christianity" today, it becomes evident that the abandonment he referred to involved far more than the Nation of Israel alone.

Ergo, at the council of Nicea in AD523, true Christianity was abandoned when the Anti-Christ (The Roman Church) stole and perverted the teachings of Jesus, the Messiah, and with the corrupting powers of their bishops, perverted and twisted the once actual teaching of Christ into a form by which they could subjugate the bulk of humanity (catholicism, or universal religion) and torment them according to the will of the Ruler of this world, Satan.

Satan continues that campaign to this day. His thousands of so-called Christian churches still carry the false concepts and perversions of truth intermixed with the pagan beliefs of man's immortality, prayer to 'saints,' and even the mother of Christ, all of which appears NOWHERE within Christ's teaching. There is this and so much more.

Rome swore to conquer and rule the world and has done so since that time. When that rulership is brought to an end, which is still to be seen, although already determined and in God's eyes, already done, that Kingdom of God for which all pray will, then, "Crush and put an end to all of these Kingdoms, and it, itself, will remain forever." (Daniel 2:44)

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