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Jeffrey Eichenlaub - December 14

James A Eichenlaub Arguing with a senseless person is tantamount to purposely hitting your thumb with a hammer because you 'may' accidentally do so later. Short of calling someone a dumbass, the experts explained time after time:

When you talk, vapor comes out of your mouth. That vapor contains particles large enough to carry the virus six feet or more. They can even be sucked into a ventilation system and carried throughout a building.

(Image offered by Nick Peters December 14 at 11:16 AM Kind of weird.)

The mask (...) restricts the vapor. The distance, obviously, lessens the likelihood of the vapor being ingested by another party. Washing your hands prevents two things: 1) you from picking up the virus from an inanimate object, and 2) others from you leaving the virus ON an inanimate object.

THE MASK IS NOT CURE - IT'S NOT A PANACEA FOR THE PANDEMIC, AND HAVING NOT CARED ABOUT IT HAS COST THE NATION 300,000+ LIVES, AND NOT AT LEAST "TRYING" TO HELP PREVENT THE SPREAD IS SELFISH IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY. Jeffrey Eichenlaub James I think it more selfish that 2 to 3 percent of an at risk population ask 97% of the people to stop living in order to save them.

Asking people to shut down their businesses and stop earning a living so that the smallest percentage of population can feel safe is selfish. James A Eichenlaub Ah! So it does come down to the money! Then there is no use to discuss it. If my life and the life of your mother and family, 300,000+ more, is not worth more than the $$$ in your bank accounts, then so be it!

So as I've said previously, you follow, like so many thousands or millions of others, the reasoning and thinking of the megalomaniac who puts the economy and income over people's lives. You, like so many, many others, follow his lead and his reasoning...it's all about the money! Wealth! Power! Fine living! F**k the cowards who die, that's on them.

Personally, I find it, shameful! Jeffrey Eichenlaub

I do not follow any man and my reasoning is not influenced by him.

My reasons for my thinking have never been asked. People just love to start yelling at every minor meme and post that rubs their grain.

You can try and connect my thinking to Trump but you are completely wrong. James A Eichenlaub Although it may not be connected, it is surprisingly similar. James A Eichenlaub You do have independent and somewhat iconoclastic reasoning, as do I, and we have agreed on many things in regard to that reasoning, In this instance, however, I cannot follow your logic, nor agree with it. James A Eichenlaub The display at the head of this thread smacks of Trump's reasoning, hence, I connect the two. His, "Don't worry, in a few weeks the kung fu virus won't be heard of" attitude is reflected in it. So my apologies for connecting you with him. Jeffrey Eichenlaub Tell you what, I have a different forum where we can talk this out. It can be shared here for those that enjoy watching the debates of a father and son.

I will get it set up for this and we can carry on.

James A Eichenlaub >>> Just to mention, from the years 1941 - 1945, America lost 291,557 men in World War 2. Current Covid related deaths are 303,482. Yes...people die every day, but we don't need to allow them to die senselessly. James A Eichenlaub Why the "No liability clause?" Do you really need to have that explained!? To argue against the vaccine is like numb-headed ignorance! A vaccine that was formulated in SEVEN MONTHS, a feat that normally requires the same number of years to test before approval, and someone says "why no liability." Jeffrey Eichenlaub These measures were NEVER intended to SAVE LIVES! It is cute that the media and the “experts” have been changing the narrative.

Remember we just need to Flatten the Curve. The CDC admitted they will not be able to save the lives, they simply needed to not exceed hospital capacity.

Please stop trying to convince yourself that these are life-saving measures. They are not, the numbers haven’t changed, only the story being told on the news. James A Eichenlaub OMG! Slowing the spread (flattening the curve as you call it) was needed to allow time for a vaccine to be formulated and to allow time for the medical world to cope with those flooding the hospitals.

It is not me that deluding himself. These are LIFE-SAVING measures that will help restrict the spread and SAVE LIVES in the long run. F**K the news media! Use your brain! I don't need the news media to tell me that if I stay at home, away from other people, that I am not as likely to catch a cold, or the flu, or leprosy, or anything else that is contagious. Why would Covid be any different? LOGIC! Jeffrey Eichenlaub ”... if I stay at home, away from other people, that I am not as likely to catch a cold, or the flu, or leprosy, or anything else that is contagious. Why would Covid be any different? LOGIC!”

Exactly, Why is Covid being treated so differently than those others viruses? I mean we are not mandated to shut down businesses and stay home during flu outbreaks.

If what you say is true regarding the intention of masking. To slow the spread until a vaccine was created and you previously said that it should have taken years for an effective vaccine, why were the lockdowns and masking presented as a “for the next 30 days”.

Shouldn’t they have said for the next seven to ten years while we make a vaccine? Where is the... LOGIC?

It doesn’t make sense and given enough time, everyone will fill in the giant gaps with their own information to make the whole thing acceptable in their own minds. Just as you have done, no one said lockdown and mask up until we get a vaccine. They did to flatten the curve (btw, not my words, those are from the CDC) and not overwhelm the healthcare industry. The set up make shit hospitals and freezer trucks for impending death count. No words about a vaccine, you filled that gap on your own. Why, because for you it makes more sense that way. James A Eichenlaub Love ya dude ... you ARE my son! No denying!

Ann Eichenlaub Oh look! Puppies!

James A Eichenlaub >>> "Yes, um...I'm looking for Miss Givings, please?" "Oh, I'm sorry, but we have no Miss Givings here!"

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