• James Eichenlaub

Not An Absentee Landlord

Updated: Sep 11

Listening to the voice of the deep A soliloquy of time repeats It speaks of God's Spirit That touched its surface Bringing the land from far beneath

Given a universe of its own So complex and miraculous The self-sustaining aquatic dome A symbiotic symphony of life With beauty in every shoal and reef

Textured by the sun and wind The seabirds playing upon its peaks Watching as the fragile world below Is tortured and strangled by the waste Of those who compulsively feed their greed

Every landlord requires its guests To honor and care for what is his Takes into account its form and fettle Is not absentee but observes first hand And will bring to ruin those ruining it, indeed

... James Eichenlaub

(Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Dunn, Daytona Bch. Florida)

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