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Updated: Jan 11

The following is some information provided by brother Jack Eichenlaub

Following from Jack Eichenlaub:

Rose was going through letters and cards that we are throwing out and found this letter from aunt Marge Wicker !!! I know I read it when we got it but it didn't sink in the what it meant ! That picture with Mom in, I always thought the girl kneeling was Aunt Adelaide. I knew the boy was an Eichenlaub also the girl was because they look like us !!! They were Uncle Dave's kids, Bill and Janet. There is Pictures of Bill when he was in the navy !!! The young girl is Donna wicker !!
The other picture is Grandma Eichenlaub with my Dad, Jim !!! Read the letter and if you have any questions call me ! she said in letter when Pop's house burnt Ronnie an Lois threw all of Pops Papers and stuff out along with half of the family it says in the letter what happened to it, I thought you might like to see this !!! the !!! this should be in 1940, Donna was Hazel's girl and she, I think died at child birth and Donna is six years old in that picture !!!


Dear Kids,
Grateful to hear (from) you. But can't help much just now. I have (been ) wanting to give you your mother's picture for so long. Sorry about black, but that's the kind of albums they made then. I must have taken this in the forties, Donna looks 6 yrs. I have good picture of all my brothers but Jim isn't that crazy, him and me are two part(ners) he would have been 82yrs Sept 11 - I was 80 Sept 29 - 9th we grew up having a lot (of) fun, same friends, sled riding, games school I called him Butts, we all had a good young life, beautiful home, remember our gang playing long ball in (????). Joe had swimming pool banked up creek.
Afer Dave married (????) Evelyn, they lived with us, never the same, Pop got furlough from the shops. After selling home, places we lived tell you about after Dave & (?Herb?) lived with us as Coupon. I blame his aunt Kate Pop sister for breaking them up. Her years with Pop, everything went (????).
I found half of our family Bible she threw in a skid at Buckhorn. I gave it to Pop when on 9th avenue. After he gave Ronnie his home he was buried & Lois & Ron took all his things to junk yard. Ron said, he hoarded papers & stuff if he only knew what he throwed away( I can tell you, all our names from oldest to youngest. I scribbled scribbled this now so you have your mother, but I'll do better later.

Above is Grandma (Monica?) and baby James Leo Eichenlaub - c1913

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