• James Eichenlaub


Updated: Nov 24, 2020

It was irritating enough to have watched Donald Trump grow up in the media. His egoism and self-centered nature, his love of money and power, and his scheming and lying ways were always a part of his obnoxious personality and always what made a person want to puke when listening to him speak!

Now, however, he is stuffing my e-mail inbox with his tirade against the COLOR BLUE. 659 MESSAGES IN THREE DAYS!

Ah! Poor baby didn't get his way, again, and once more is throwing his Richy-Rich boy fit over losing, which, of course, he is and always was a loser. You can't change the spots on a leopard, as they say.

So to him and his team of sycophants, I would like to say:

We, the majority of the people, in order to form a more perfect union, would prefer a street dweller over the current sitting president.

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR FLOODING MY INBOX WITH THESE MESSAGES. There is enough horseshit in them to fertilize the entire planet! So please back off!

The current President, REGARDLESS OF HIS PARTY, is a maniac, bully, anarchist, and a wannabe dictator. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even considering that man for ANY PUBLIC OFFICE. He's not fit to run a sewage treatment plant. His grating character, underhanded and disingenuous nature, along with his egotistic and misogynistic thinking, barely allow him to be labeled as human. The only thing that makes him appear to be such is that he walks upright.

He needs to change his diaper, get his passy, and take a nap. Stop throwing a tantrum and recognize that HE LOST! HE'S A LOSER! Not to mention the fact that he is certainly not a politician.

My best to the ‘party' (or should I say, 'the Reich’), and I hope a vaccine for this Trumpitis will soon be distributed and allow you all to return safely to humanity!

In the meantime, please stay out of my inbox!

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