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A Father, A Son, And Virus, and A Man

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Jeffrey Eichenlaub December 10 at 9:34 PM ·

We are at 292,000 Covid related deaths. Based on the first proposed numbers, only 2,008,000 to go before Covid goes away.

I’m going with the early figures... this would have been over by now if people would take off the masks and move the hell on. It sucks, but people die.

James A Eichenlaub >>> Not argumentatively, but I must disagree.

With more than a million new cases and 3000 deaths per day from the last holiday alone, to have gone without masks altogether, well, I doubt seriously that your mother and/or I would even be here now. You're thinking along the same lines as our dictator, who neither cares, nor is he doing anything about it. Even now, he is pushing, threatening jobs, to have unapproved drugs pushed onto the market so that his successor won't get the credit for it. He is psychotic and to reason along those same lines as he, is not valid reasoning but, supports his psychosis and encourages it. Love you, but cannot agree with you. Jeffrey Eichenlaub James - the masking and quarantine were never intended to save lives. The intention from the start was to “flatten the curve”, and slow the spread and the deaths over a longer period of time. There will never be a vaccine that permanently destroys Coronavirus. It has been around for a long time and will continue the same mutation cycle into the future. This entire exercise is a show for the masses to continue hysteria.

I understand very well the risk to you and mom, and I am not without feelings about that possible end. But to be real, isn’t death inevitably the end anyway? So no matter what, I must be prepared and accepting of the fact that this life has a single exit strategy, and be it Covid, Cancer, or old age, I have to accept without fear that we are all going to die. James A Eichenlaub >>> Yes, I can agree with the fact that we will never get out of this world alive, and I, too, have no fear of it, at least not for myself. But when I think of losing Sebastian, who is now very ill but not with covid, fortunately, or you, or your sister, or mother, or anyone else, well, I have no wish to live out my life without any of you.

To NOT wear a mask and slow the spread is tantamount to saying, "Why do we have speed limits? Why are there traffic lights and stop signs? People die in car accidents all the time. Maybe if we let enough of them die, they will learn to be more careful? You're never going to stop car accidents anyway!"

The objective was to slow the spread as much as possible UNTIL a VACCINE...not a cure could be found. The influenza vaccines, polio, smallpox, chickenpox, and other vaccines have saved millions of lives. Should they have said, "Oh well, everyone is going to die anyway, se' la vie!"

Buying into the idea that it doesn't matter was fomented by our Command and Cheat, who was and is more concerned about world trade, economy, income, wealth, and power than he will ever be about those "COWARD military men" who get themselves killed or the "COWARD's who wear masks" because they're afraid to die. The morgues are full, the hospitals overflowing into parking garages, et al., and the idea that "it doesn't matter" is still being supported by the GREATEST DISASTER THAT EVERY OCCUPIED THE WHITE HOUSE and his followers.

Jeffrey Eichenlaub Before we continue this thread, let’s clear this part up. If this Covid spread problem is because of Trump, then why are other countries that don’t have Trump as a leader still suffering the same effects of Covid19? James A Eichenlaub As to who does or does not follow him is impossible to tell. The fact remains that the Federal Government's job is to protect the people from ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic. This pandemic is an obviously dangerous and insidious enemy of which he pulled the Marie Antoinette move of saying, "Let them eat cake!" Instead of protecting, or attempting to, he derided the scientist, down-played the obvious threat, and still denies its existence, still trying to downplay it as a hoax even though he also contracted it!

How much is more evidence necessary for those who support this mentally incompetent cry-baby? His rhetoric is harsh, derisive, and divisive, and most of the time, it's either disingenuous or flat wrong! He makes it up as he goes, belittles his intellectual superiors, and constantly and completely insults the general populous's intelligence! He's a loser who cannot stand to lose, and now he's throwing a tantrum, wants his face on Mount Rushmore, and if possible, wants to be given credit for the creation of the universe! How much more evidence is needed!? Jeffrey Eichenlaub That does not answer the question. All other countries are being affected the same way, and many had leaders that were very responsive.

So you are saying that Trump is responsible because he doesn’t want to play the role of chicken little, scream the sky is falling, impose rules that violate our constitutional rights, and layer more hysteria on top of media hype? Look around the world at countries that did just that; they are still having increases in death toll and cases, but they did react in a manner that you are stating was necessary with the same outcome as the United States.

Be honest, if Trump had done everything that you think he should have, you and many like you would still blame him because you don’t like the man.

He is simply not responsible.

This is not an enemy; this is a virus. If we follow your thread, then we would be declaring war on every influenza breakout and doing these same things, but for years we have just accepted that it’s flu season. James A Eichenlaub >>> The man is despicable and and always has been.

NO, you are not correct in saying that anyone or everyone would still blame him. Had he done what he should have and supported every effort to mitigate the issue, had he set the tone for the rest of the world in showing that this was a serious threat, things may well have gone very differently for everyone...worldwide.

He...and his actions have EVERYTHING to do with the spread of the virus. He...by his actions, showed himself unconcerned from the start. "A few weeks from now, you won't even remember Covid 19" (March of 2020). A few days ago, "Yes, we've done a great job handling the pandemic, and nobody can say we didn't."

Despite your view, ANYTHING that threatens people's lives is an enemy, which again, are the people he is SWORN to protect. He did not. He negates and fires anyone who has or displays intellectual prowess, who proves him wrong, or who simply disagrees with him, and surrounds himself with his sycophantic ass-kissing cowards. Jeffrey Eichenlaub Why are other countries that did react more swiftly facing the same increase in numbers. Italy and France did not wait to follow Trumps lead, why are they suffering the same affects as the US? Jeffrey Eichenlaub The real challenge we face is not Trump. You are demonstrating the real issue, you cannot address any situation clearly because your brain is gridlocked in how much you despise Trump. My original post said nothing of Trump, my response to your first reply ignored your hooks about Trump because it is simply not his fault that a virus exists and people are dying. Yet with each reply you spent more time attacking Trump than you did attempting to prove with science or reason that this would not be winding down had we just allowed the virus to do what it is still inevitably going to do.

We are at an impasse.

Good thread though. James A Eichenlaub This is the gist of this: Your argument was to throw the masks to the wind and let the virus do its best. My response was that you are not thinking for yourself but are following the laissez-faire attitude of the man responsible for allowing the virus to run rampant.

My time spent "attacking" him was inflecting the fact that you appear to have become as sycophantic as the others that have somehow, for some reason, fallen at his feet and kissing his shoes.

Had he taken it seriously and stopped chiding it as "The Kung Fu" virus and making lite of it as if it was nothing to worry about; had he listened to the experts, the doctors, and taken advice instead of talking about his genius and how much more he knows than anyone else; there could easily be several hundred thousand more people still with their families.

So...the challenge we face is still to come, not over, and would be far less critical had it not been for him. Yes, I despise him because he is despicable. The Coronavirus was not "caused" by him, but his failure makes him responsible for the lives of thousands of lost loved ones

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