• Robert (Jack) Eichenlaub

A Bit of Family History

(Written by Robert (Jack) Eichenlaub)

Aunt Marg (Eichenlaub) Wicker, Husband, Hun Wicker. I believe the kids are Ned, Trudy, and Mark (Bonny, correct me if I'm wrong, please?)

(To the left are) Aunt Marg Wicker and Grand Son Wayne Murtiff.

(Talking on the porch swing) Is Aunt Adelaide and Aunt Marg Wicker at Adelaide's Farm.

She (Aunt Adelaide) always reminded of Mini Pearl. When they lived in Buckhorn, they use to play music on the weekends. (Our) Dad (Jim) sang and played the guitar, Marg sang harmony with dad, Pop played the Fiddle, Babe played the harmonica, and Dave played the banjo. All Eichenlaubs.

Dad used to sing Eddie Arnold's Cattle Call just as good as Eddie Arnold did it (himself), and he (dad) loved Jim Reeves songs. He and Marg could both yodel, and I mean well! When they use to sing at our house, dad use to sing Cow Boy Jack and Old Shep. Hun was always pretty well lit (drunk), and he would cry like a kid.

I was at the Mill Run Fire hall one night, and two guys were singing at the bar, and Marg and I were sitting next to them, and she joined in; man, she could really sing!

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