About Oakleaves


 This website has morphed many times since it was first constructed in 2017.

There was little interest in its contents as a family website featuring pictures and histories of family members, and it consequently went by the wayside. 

Having discontinued his association with Jehovah's Witnesses after many years of hoping that they were THE one true representative of God's kingdom, it helped him realize that there is NO organization on Earth representing the God of the Bible, and never will be. 

More esoteric and more controversial than a simple "family" page, these changes to the site were base on the realization that claiming to represent The One True God, religions do one of two things:


1) Those like the "churches"  who follow the Antichrist, worship a vindictive and cruel God who burns unwitting people for eternity because of "sins" over which they have no power to control, all the while forgiving their leaders for unimaginable sins they committed in the name of Jesus Christ and God.


2.) Then, there are those like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses who claim to be the elect of God, i.e., those whose job it is to convert the world to Christianity and usher in God's Kingdom and take part in ruling over humanity.

Recognizing that Satan is the ruler of this world, James realized that Jesus said, "The blind will lead the blind and both fall into the pit," as they put their own salvation ahead of all other things,  it suddenly and distinctly became all too obvious that, "Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong."