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Born and raised in Altoona, PA, James enlisted in the United States Navy in 1969 while finishing high school. Honorably discharged from the Navy in 1974, while serving, he married his wife, Kate, in 1971, and they have four successful, adult children who became teachers, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and accounting professionals.  Both James and Kate retired in 2017 and moved to central Florida where they are enjoying their retirement between the Ormond and Daytona Beaches.

Female adult

Much of our immediate family are gone now, including our mother and father. When old enough, the majority left Altoona with the exception of our beautiful sister Shirley Jean who died at age 38; her life barely begun. That was nearly fifty years ago, about the time that brother Ron had to give up his Naval career and remain to raise his children. Since 2015 we have lost Terry, Ron, and Nancy, and it is my hope that the sacrifice the Lord Jesus made, and the promised gift of his Heavenly Father, may permit us all to be together once more in the coming resurrection.   (Romans 6:23) 

Mother & Father - Deceased

James Leo Eichenlaub, aka Jim, grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania, as did our mother, Emma. By the time I was born, dad, a professional house painter, earned a very meager living. Still, between them, we survived but from what I recall it was not in a pleasant atmosphereDad died when I was six years old, and mom took on work as a waitress for $.65 per hour. She was amazing at what she did as a waitress and miraculous at what she did as a mother. Living on that meager pay and tips, not only did she provide, but she advanced far enough to eventually buy her own home in Altoona in which our brother Ron's widow, Judy, still resides.  

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