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  "I think," is unequivocally the emptiest phrase in the human language.

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James Eichenlaub 2023

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My Declaration of Independence


Hello, and thank you for visiting

Many people in our world love to express themselves. Some do so through art, dance, acting, song, stories, and variations of each of these. Others express themselves in more selfish and immoral ways. That is if there is still such a thing as morality remaining in our world,

This BLOG (or Web Log) is my choice of self-expression, and I am happy to share thoughts with you. 

Many of these thoughts are likely controversial. Others may be entertaining, or enlightening, or just plain boring and useless. But I hope that in my efforts at posting these thoughts and expressions, you will, somewhere within, find something of value. 

Please feel free to comment, and if you like a more liberal venue for discussion, please send an e-mail to

Finally, if you have a topic you would like to discuss and share knowledge of, please let me know. If I have anything worthwhile to offer, I will freely share my knowledge of it. 

Thank you!

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James A. Eichenlaub

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Ormond Beach, FL

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